517 Design
Space Illustration

The following category contains illustrations done for NASA, Kennedy Space Center and the United States Air Force. For 6 years 517 Design created and produced illustrations and graphics for every space shuttle mission including the historic John Glenn mission. These designs where used for different applications from astronaut apparel to KSC gift shop items. 517 Design's illustrations were also used for other missions such at the Chandra X-ray Observatory, Mars Rover and Hubble Space Telescope.

Project Description

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE - Poster design for USAF to be used in the 2001 Paris Air Show. Collage of images to show great achievements in human space exploration including; Sally Ride, the first American women in space, the first Russian on the space shuttle, John Glenn and a photo by the Hubble Space Telescope showing gravitational lensing, proof of Einstein's theory of relativity.

  • Full Color
  • Raster (Photoshop) File
  • Custom Design

Project Details

Date: 1 • 2001
Client: United States Air Force